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Fans of Japanese Mech Action: Let people know you can solve any of life's problems with karate and/or giant robot battles with these Forest Mech Pilot pins.


Each high-quality soft enamel pin features the overgrown helmets of heroes from the past with ornate floral patterns contrasting against the cold protective curves of each helmet.  Wear them on your jacket, backpack, or wherever you want to show off your mech pilot pride.


Each pin has been meticulously illustrated by Devin Kraft with an ornate back and production oversight from the master of pins, Pinstash. We've collaborated on over 20+ pins, and we make sure any project we work on results in a stunning end product.

Red Forest Pilot Enamel Pin

  • All prints are printed on five star photo paper using a high quality inkjet printer for bright, vivid, lasting colors. The photo paper gives all artwork that extra pop to tie together any space you need decorated. All orders are packed within 1-3 Business Days after ordering and arrive within 3-5 Business Days after shipping. Everything is shipped safely and securely.

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