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Illustrator | Designer

I am a comic artist originally from Roswell, New Mexico who had the great fortune to live and study in Japan for a year as part of an exchange program with Hosei University.


During that time I got to study the manga industry first hand, in addition to getting to play with all sorts of nifty Japanese pens.


To date I've finished 30+ comics as well as various shorts, as well as thousands of pin-up pieces. Currently, I am based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

I am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects as well as Clip Studio. Hit me up via the contact page for commission inquiries or projects!





     (2004-2006) Jabberwock Issues #1-3

     (2005) Jabberwock Shorts

     (2007) Devil and Doctor John

     (2008) Imagine

     (2008-2009) Paradise #1-5

     (2009) Neverender

     (2010) The Ferryman

     (2011) Deluge

     (2011) Mano y Mano

     (2012) Anthologic

     (2013) Fight! Championship (Written by Vinh Luan Luu)

     (2013) Returning (Written by Jake Ekiss)

     (2013) Breathe Slow

     (2013-2014) Dragon Slayer Vol. #1 - 3

     (2015) Miracle (Written by Anthony Perillo)

     (2015) Low Battery

     (2015) Silence: Track One

     (2016) Silence: Track Two

     (2016) Galahad and the Far off Horizon : The Broken Keep (Written by Hansel Moreno) 

     (2017) Silence: Track Three

     (2017) Silence: Wall of Sound Edition 

     (2017) Hunters: Beasts and Demons (Lion's Forge/Buno anthology by Josh Tierney, Paul Maybury)   

     (2017) Rum Row Short (anthology by Andrew Maxwell)

     (2018) Samurai Odyssey (written by Phil Montgomery)

     (2019) Neverender Issue One (Self Published)

     (2019) Future of Funk (written by Matthew Medney and Morgan Rosenblum)

     (2020) Neverender Issue Two (Self Published) 

     (2021-2022) Neverender Issues 1-9 (Behemoth Comics)

     (2022) Samurai Odyssey Issue Two (written by Phil Montgomery)

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