My comics are primarily crowdfunded, and I try to build the best campaigns possible to get backers excited about my projects. To date I've raised over $43,000 for the publication of five comics and a graphic novel, all thanks to friends, fans, and family who continue to support my work. 

Thus far every campaign has been chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick with the campaign for Dragon Slayer Volume 2 being chosen as a Project of the Day. You can view my campaigns below.


         $2000                                           $4344                                               163

Silence: Wall of Sound Edition

         $7000                                             $7569                                               208

Silence: Track Two

            $4000                                               $5553                                           225

Silence: Track One

            $4000                                             $4595                                             254

Dragon Slayer: The Collected Edition

           $6000                                           $15,105                                            388

Dragon Slayer: Volume 2

            $4000                                           $6242                                              289

Dragon Slayer: Volume 1

           $4000                                            $5137                                              218