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A physical copy for the graphic novel Neverender written, drawn and designed by me and published by Sumerian Comics!


208 glorious 

In the future, accelerants are powerful enough to not only lift any material off of a planet, but interstellar travel is reasonably viable. An authoritarian regime unites a spread out mankind through a mix of military control, nationalism, and entertainment. 

Merrick, an earthborn punk finds himself in the middle of a complicated political game as he joins the Universal Defense League - an entertainment program about a one on one fight to the death, where astronauts must simply get one good shot in on their opponents suit to win. 

The rules are simple:

  • The Duel Must Be Agreed Upon by Both Crows
  • A Time and Place Must Also Be Agreed Upon
  • Both Duelists Must Acknowledge Each Other
  • Only Two Crows May Duel at a Time
  • A Crow Must Have Direct Contact to His Weapon
  • Once the Kill is Confirmed the Match is Over

Growing up the slums of an earthlike planet have given him exceptional reflexes, but can he compete in zero gravity? 

Neverender Volume 1 Physical Copy

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