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A physical copy for Neverender from Behemoth Comics:

In the future, accelerants are powerful enough to not only lift any material off of a planet, but interstellar travel is reasonably viable. An authoritarian regime unites a spread out mankind through a mix of military control, nationalism, and entertainment. 

Merrick, an earthborn punk finds himself in the middle of a complicated political game as he joins the Universal Defense League - an entertainment program about a one on one fight to the death, where astronauts must simply get one good shot in on their opponents suit to win. 

The rules are simple:

  • The Duel Must Be Agreed Upon by Both Crows
  • A Time and Place Must Also Be Agreed Upon
  • Both Duelists Must Acknowledge Each Other
  • Only Two Crows May Duel at a Time
  • A Crow Must Have Direct Contact to His Weapon
  • Once the Kill is Confirmed the Match is Over

Growing up the slums of an earthlike planet have given him exceptional reflexes, but can he compete in zero gravity? 

Neverender #1 Physical Copy


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