From the moment I rifled through to the back of the anime section of September 1996 issue of Gamefan, I've been enamored with Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's cemented itself as one of Japanese animation's most seminal pieces, despite a tumultuous productions schedule and a controversial ending. Hideaki Anno and Studio Gainax took a well worn genre and made it stare into it's own eyes until it became a sentient living breathing thing. I remember watching the final six episodes before school one day, and being unable to process what I just saw. I was 14, and speechless. How could I describe what I'd just seen to anyone? Who was I even? The show had the impact of losing yourself between two mirrors, repeating endlessly off into the horizon. As an homage, Pin Stash and I made this pin set, so you can wear EVA Unit 01 wherever you go. Collab with Pin Stash

Evangelion Unit 01 Soft Enamel Pin