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I first came across Kutsuzawa’s work in Slip ‘S’ Manga collection. His beautifully detailed pencil work shone head and shoulders above a slew of Japan’s top alternative talent. Who was this guy? What had he worked on?  Did he have a manga or an artbook out there?


While time has left me with more questions about Kutsuzawa, I was able to track down a bit more of his work.  A few months after checking out Slip, I came across Range Murata’s ‘Flat’ compilation, where he did a fantastic baseball story.  I’ve also seen some of his stuff in Japon, a French/Japanese comic collaboration.  If memory serves me correctly there was a ‘how to’ article with tips on how he created the below image:


I’ve really not come across too much else of his stuff.  I’ll update this page with more art as I can find it, but for now, it’s slim pickings.


Below are some pages I scanned from “Flat” and “Error”.

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