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I am excited. Geof Darrow will be at Fan Days, a Dallas based convention at the Irving Convention Center, next month.  I’ve got a table there too, so if time permits I might get to meet the guy.  You are hard pressed to find a more detailed artist in the comic industry.

Darrow’s unparalleled detail (well, almost unparalleled- Nate Simpson’s looking to give him a run for his money) showcases his innovation in building realistic yet fantastic worlds.  Big Guy & Rusty is practically a Where’s Waldo book- chock full of detail and apt to make your eyes wander rather for a few minutes before leaping to the next glorious panel.

Darrow’s work echoes some of the more stunning and thought provoking panels from masters of the craft like Moebius, Tezuka, and Kirby.  Darrow’s one of the few artists that can steal the spotlight from a Frank Miller script. Twice.

For more Darrowy goodness, I wholeheartedly recommend the blog Bourbon Thret.  I also highly recommend checking out the interview with him at Inkstuds.

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